Monday, June 22, 2009


this is about a half - demon and an average girl from tokyo. one day she finds herself stuck in the olden day china. acedently breaking the shards inyuasha so much wanted, she was forced to travel around olden day china with him, collecting the peices as she moves along.
this anime is romance, and action
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Man I love anime! I wish everybody was like them! I mean.... dont u think that all the boys are cute for a change? and all the girls are even cuter!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shugo Chara

this anime is about a young girl who almost never reveals her true self to anyone. Until one day she wished that part about her sewlf could just dissapear. so her wish came true, giving her 3 eggs. as the eggs hatch ( revealing 3 hilarious characters ) life gets more and more complicated as her personality changes in the process
this anime is lyfstyle, and romance

Lucky Star

this anime is about tons of different high school girls with tons of different personalitys. funny, acward, weird, smart, game a holic, and much others
this anime is lifstyle

Hime Chan No Ribbon

this anime

Chibi Vampire

this anime is about a vampire who was so far doing a great job on keeping her identity hidden. until the transfer student ( i forgot his name xD ) came along who found her secret in an easy 3 episodes. from then on life becomes difficult for her and all the people around her
this anime is romance, and lifestyle

Kamichama Karin!!!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya!!!

Black Cat

this anime is about a boy. as a child his past was cruel, his parents died. freaking out he took the asasin's gun and started to shoot everyone of them dying in the process. but instead of dying he was givin 2 choices. 1 was to work as an asasin or 2 die where he stands. he chose # 1.
this anime is action, lyfstyle, and romance ( only a tiny bit )